Account Management for Accounts Department

As a complete accounting software Trincome Accounting and Back Office Solution is furnished with all the functions the accounts department of a travel agency may need.

  • Chart of Accounts: Enable the user to CREATE the firm’s Chart of Accounts.
  • Keep track of and reconcile the payments made by the firm in cash using Cash Payment Voucher.
  • Record transactions of receipt of cash from any source using Cash Received Voucher.
  • Keep track of all the payments from the firm’s bank deposits using Bank Payment Voucher.
  • Record transactions of receipt or deposit in a bank account using Bank Received Voucher.
  • Enter the transactions of adjustment in Journal Voucher.
  • Enlist all transactions within the firm’s cash in hand accounts and bank accounts.
  • Sort out Non Posted Transactions to check accuracy & post the transaction in system.
  • Verify & match payments against specific invoices in Invoice Wise Payment Matching module.
  • Fix Financial Years once a year.
  • Set opening balance for any ledger account.

Reports for Admin Panel

The administration and accounts department needs various types of information to help the decision making process. In Trincome the admin can generate and view and save several types of reports for given period of time to understand the financial condition of his firm.


Ledger View


Ledger View



Trial Balance

User Activity

Daily Sales Report

Sales Mgr Outstanding Report

Details Account Statement

Customer Invoice Payments Report

Sector Wise Report

Tickets Report

Refund Tickets Report

Travel Date Tickets Report

Customer Summary Report

Daily Sale Details Report

Balance Sheet

Sales Manager Report

GDS Tickets Report

Supplier Summary Report

Daily activity Report

Discard Ticket Report